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The Nail Polish (Zoya, Essie, China Glaze) and Sleek Haul.


As promised, here's my nail polish haul from Beauty Asia 2011. In addition, the day i visited the fair, i popped by Iris's place to collect my Sleek stuff. She is an absolute sweetheart and offered to help me pick up stuff while she was in UK the week before :)

KA-POW! And this is one day's damage. My wallet needs to be locked in a bank vault before i empty it out completely. By the way, I'm not going to swatch these, because 1) I just did my nails, 2) I don't want my polishes to turn goopy due to exposure and lack of time to use them regularly, and 3) because i'm lazy.

First up, the China Glaze! From Left to Right: Sci-Fi (Chrome Collection, it's a steel-ly blue), Rainstorm and Anklets of Amethyst. I still have 2 more which i preordered with the supplier, one being Atlantis and Electric Lilac.

L to R: Wrapped in Rubies, Brick Oven, Buy me a Cameo, It's Genius, Huckle Buckle

Essies. I'm surprised at my selection, because i love Essie for their pretty, wearable, muted colours. But when i was making my "life decisions" between 5 shades of dusty pink, i finally decided that they all looked the same and settled for distinct and bold colours instead :(  Now i'm wondering, why did i pick up Wrapped in Rubies and Brick Oven? I generally don't like reds, and these 2 are similar to each other. Hmm...

L to R: Glimmer (pretty nude shade with sparkles), Astra, Vegas Freeze (dang, the online swatches seem to show that it's really sheer), Tiffany.

The most expensive damage: Zoya. At $10 a bottle, this family pic cost me $40. I'm loving Tiffany and i think it would look great for many functions. It is a really unique colour as it has a foil finish, making it sparkle with lots of iridescent colour. There's a beautiful complexity to the shade, but since my photos are bad and you can't see much, i promise to wear it soon and take tons of photos!

And here's my Sleek loot! The latest Primer Palette, Storm Palette, Rose Gold (everyone is raving about this, so why not?) and Flamingo Blush. Again, there are tons of swatches available out there (also, i must emphasize that i am in fact, lazy), but i'll be doing a post on the Primer Palette because i'm curious about it and played with it already. Stay Tuned!



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Ooh, love Vegas Freeze.

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I love sleek colours! Waiting for my Primer Palette to reach me :)

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I bought Vegas freeze too and I love it!! It's very sheer but amazing as a polish for layering.

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@rayhanaaskare: I love how it looks in the bottle too! Was deciding between this and Mimi, which is a glitter-fest of royal purple!

@Runwaytoparis: Nice! I'll be posting my swatches tomorrow :)

@ladeekim: I've seen some people layer it on top of a purple base and Vegas Freeze really POPs! Cant' wait to try it out!

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@ishikaaz: Will do, will do! I've actually swatched it on the night that i collected it from Iris, so i just have to type out the entry!

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