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skincare, makeup, nail and so much more. Blogging with love, from Singapore Today is Friday, May 26, 2017

Beauty Asia 2011: (Zoya, Essie, China Glaze)


If you haven't heard of this fair, ongoing at Suntec Convention level 4, i urge you to drop in for a quick look. Today (23rd) is the last day of the fair, and it's basically a beauty fair that encompasses a few makeup brands/ services, hair products, hair stylers, falsies, nail supplies and most importantly, NAIL POLISHES! Dont' expect to see brands like L'oreal or any of your drugstore brands. From my brisk walkabout, the brands available were salon types or independent companies. Great stuff though!

This is basically a trade fair, meaning you have to be a professional in the beauty field to gain access to it. Fret not, today, it's open to PUBLIC from 3 pm onwards. Check out Sophia's entry HERE for more pics! Great deals include:

Orly: $6 each (but they charge goods and service tax) I saw Halley's Comet, Out of this world, and many more beautiful colours!

Selected TINS at $10 each. Most of them are the creamy/ shimmery ones. No chunky glitters ;(

The pretty TINS are going for $15.

Zoyas are going for ZOMG! $10 each, buy 12 get 3 free. They have the latest fire and ice, wicked, and intimate collections

Misa are $5 each. Very pretty colours, but i picked up too many polishes already, so i gave this a miss

All China Glaze going for $6 each. Mind you, they have not taken in stock for crackle and many popular colours such as Ruby Pumps/ For Audrey are not available. Limited stock for Chrome colours.

Essies retail for $8USD, and are suppose to retail for $16 SGD. I got them at.......$6 SGD.

I died and went to nail plish heaven. I'll post my haul up another time, till then, have fun HAULING :)


Here's something "Fun" that i spotted.

Hmm...."Make Up For Life Professional"? The logo bears an eerie resembleance to:

pic credit to Meilily.com

Tsk Tsk. Make Up For Life Professional (you are so not it).

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Hi, were there colours from recent collections for the Essie nail polishes? :) Thanks!

posted by

Oh I didn't know they have essie and orly there!

posted by

OMG I totally missed the ESSIE section! $6???? wow!

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@heartbeam: The latest collection i saw was the Fall 2010, with Sew Psyched and In Stitches.

@icefrost: lol, many found orly, few found essie. I sound like i'm seeking for the RING in Lord of the Rings!

@hazelnutt: as per what i mentioned to michelle, the essie booth was very elusive. However, i may open up a spree for Essie as some of my friends are keen. Best price is $8 though ;P

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i hauled some zoyas thru sophia and kas. *happy*

show show what u hauled from there :p

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@purplio: No prob! will do so tomorrow! Update your blog with your hauls, i'm mad in love with Zoyas and Essies now :P

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